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The Sandbox

My little blog o' joy!

Bryce Perry
27 May 1980
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I'm just this guy, you know...

80's music, adventure games, adventure!, alchemy, animated movies, astrophysics, babylon 5, boggan, bruce campbell, canada, cartoons, changeling, changeling: the dreaming, changelings, chaos, classic rock, coffee, comic book movies, comics, commoners, computers, concordia, conspiracy theory, costuming, creating characters, creativity, cthulhu, d&d, d20, dfw, douglas adams, dune, dusty old books, easter eggs, egyptian mythology, erotica, espresso, ether, euthanatos, fae, family guy, fantasy, fight club, firefly, folklore, fringe science, futurama, gamma world, geeks, ghosts, girls wearing glasses, h p lovecraft, h. p. lovecraft, harry potter, hermetic, history, hp lovecraft, html, internet, kids in the hall, kithain, league of extraordinary gentlemen, legend, lord of the rings, lovecraft, mage: the ascension, meditation, metaphysics, monty python, movies, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, novels, obscure trivia, occult, occultism, old cartoons, orcs, paranormal, peter gabriel, planescape, politics, pulp, ratkin, reading, redcap, role playing, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplay, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rp, rpg, rpgs, scary go round, scary-go-round, sci-fi, sci-fi/fantasy, science, science fiction, science-fiction, scifi, serenity, shadownessence, shadows, sons of ether, space, space quest, squee, stargate, supernatural, supernatural phenomena, sword & sorcery, tantra, tarot cards, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the matrix, the sandman, they might be giants, thinking, twilight zone, umberto eco, urban legends, vampire: the masquerade, white wolf, witchcraft, wod, wolfspoor, women, world domination, world of darkness